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Our Quality

Quality workmanship along with quality employees leads to quality construction. We know and understand the requirements and objectives for each project and constantly strive to produce the highest quality service and product for our clients. Our commitment to the highest standards of excellence, integrity, quality service and high performance is a reason that we continue to be a leading General Contractor.

Quality Assurance Program
In order to provide the highest quality service to our clients, LBM Construction Company developed and implemented a Quality Assurance Program and has on staff, a Quality Assurance Officer. The program is currently made up of the following items:

• Quality Assurance Policy

• President's Memo 001, Announcing Quality Assurance Officer

• Quality Assurance Committee

• Quality Assurance Inspection Memo

• Quality Assurance Inspection

• Checklist Report

• Quality Assurance Committee Analysis Report

• Quality Assurance Committee Cause & Effect Report

• Quality Assurance Committee Improvement Survey Report

• Quality Assurance Customer Evaluation Survey

We continue to strive to be at the forefront of improving the quality of our construction services!


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